Brook [PDF]

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Fire burns on the horizon. Erenoth is plunged into war as savage ogre-men of the G’valt Wilds march on the Western Southlands. Brook, a small farming village, becomes the first casualty. The battered survivors of this once lush, prosperous place look to the heroes of Erenoth – individuals of great strength and courage – to march through barren fields and scorched pastures into the heart of desolated Brook.

  • Enjoy 25 pages of inspiring content from the ancient, war-torn fantasy world of Erenoth.
  • Battle barbaric and challenging enemies with full statblocks.
  • Adventure through gorgeous, full-color maps of Brook and its surroundings.
  • Enhance your game with wondrous magic items from the ruins of Brook.
  • Sling new, nature-based spells – with options for druids, rangers, and clerics.
  • Reclaim the Southlands with fun and varied adventure hooks.
  • Delve into the history and lore of Brook and the surrounding countryside.
  • Discover limitless trinkets and items with the included d20 roll table.

Brook is a roleplaying game supplement suitable for use with your favorite fantasy roleplaying game and campaign setting.

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