The Wayward Wanderer [PDF]

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For millennia the tower of Southreach has stood – first a fortress, then a crumbling ruin, and now a rustic roadhouse owned and operated by two of Erenoth’s greatest heroes.In the corner of the Wayward Wanderer sits a shrewd dragonborn merchant, hooded and cloaked, hawking exotic wares from strange lands across the dark sea. A massive warhammer of glacier steel hangs over the hearth, inlaid with Dwarvish runes and stained black with the blood of dragons. In the still night air, an unearthly howl echoes from the bottom of the well. Much like its owners and patrons, the Wayward Wanderer is more than it appears...

Written by Matt Click of A Fistful of Dice, this supplement is suitable for use with your favorite fantasy roleplaying game, and includes three adventure hooks, three ready-to-use non-player characters, three remarkable magic items, fifty random tavern patrons, and a bounty of lore and history to inspire and invigorate your game.

  • 20 pages of inspiring content.
  • Four unique adventure hooks.
  • Three ready-to-use NPCs.
  • Three remarkable magic items.
  • A multitude of menu items from the tavern itself.
  • A roll table with 50 random tavern patrons.
  • A bounty of history and lore to invigorate your game.
  • A companion video further exploring the history of the location!

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