Goblin Go

Karts! Fast, Furious Minecar Mayhem [PDF]

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These dilapidated, abandoned mines once glittered with silver and gemstones. But the din of shovels and pickaxes has faded from the tunnels – replaced with the grinding of metal wheels and the savage hoots and hollers of MUZZLEWICK’S MAULERS, the baddest gang of go-karting goblin blood racers to ever roll down the tracks. With spears and bottles of burning grease and their death machine FASTKILL, these goblins will seriously ruin your day.

  • A Fast-and-Furious Combat Encounter Featuring Death-Racing Goblins
  • Traps, Monsters, and Other Unique Obstacles to Challenge Players
  • Battle Map of Abandoned Mines Included
  • Lore to Inspire Your Game and Invigorate Your Campaign

Originally released for free as a gift to our launch subscribers, Absolute Encounters: Goblin Go-Karts! is a fast-and-furious encounter involving kart-racing goblin gangs in an abandoned mine. This supplement is suitable for use with your favorite fantasy roleplaying game

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